Our “WORLD” a Good Place


“Divinity of Grace”, deigns: ‘Creation’ never a race.

Goodness of Humanness keeps Earth a livable Space.

Grace of Divinity designs Infinity in Time & Pace.

‘Creations’ manifest subliminal Trace




Poetry & Prose

A factory of Poets stood overtime,

Producing the fallacy of the human mind.

Words wander undefined,

Alphabets in apathy

Sold themselves to an illiterate bidder,

Empty of empathy.

Stunned sonnets and stanzas

Staged a strike.

Poets worked overtime,

Only produce prose!




Barry Bharathan

Barry Bharathan

40 Yrs in Indian Navy plus 15 in Corporate as Mentor- Intern- Advisor. A Go Getter who goes and gets whatever his Granddaughters and Wife Want👍😌