Humans have the Gift of Choice- Go Forward or Backwards

“We the Living”

Grail of Humanness. Gift of the senses.
Gathering our Presence, Pause of Pretenses.

Grace of Divinity, Grain of Wisdom, Harvest of thought.
Cycle of Ups and Downs, neither given nor sought.

Knowing to Think, Thinking to Know, Man and Woman.
Gather in Gratitude to be born Human.

Breath, the way we breathe, Learn the life we Live.
Enjoy the Love we Give, Seek to Forgive.

We & Others, just the Joy of Being.
Listening in Hearing, looking in Seeing.

Fitness in Health, Ways of Wellness in Mindful Care.
Faith & Prayer. Courage in the Self to dare!

Empathy of Emotions, Fleeting Moments, fleeing feelings,
Pause and Ponder. Mindful of our Healings.

Sadness, or Happiness, the jab of thorn, or the whiff of Thyme.
Chances and Choices, options of Clime.

Woven are Ways of the World, Values we Earn.
Nurturing our needs, sift of wants we yearn.

Aspiration or Ambition, Contentment or Greed,
Eternal asks, of the Human breed.

Exam of the Self. Pass or Fail, up to us,
Inner Reach and Touch, realities as thus!

Faith and Fate, destiny’s toss to lose or win.
The Potter’s Wheel in serendipitous spin.

The “Creator” Made Humans to manifest ‘Creations’ presence on Earth!

The Agony of Gods & Angels — How could they be so wrong?

Yet Another Saga in itself.


Theory of beginning of Life

barrytones.wordpress.com — rinavenkat@gmail.com



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Barry Bharathan

Barry Bharathan

40 Yrs in Indian Navy plus 15 in Corporate as Mentor- Intern- Advisor. A Go Getter who goes and gets whatever his Granddaughters and Wife Want👍😌